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As a woman, do you ever feel alone in your quest for good health?

Right now, millions of us feel that way.

We’re mentally, emotionally and spiritually drained from juggling our family, work and social lives.

So what do we do?

We too often ignore the signals and warning signs our bodies try to tell us.

We accept symptoms like painful, heavy periods, hormonal acne, and night sweats as normal.

We think infertility is just a bad stroke of luck.

We are told we’re “hormonal” when we’re actually experiencing health issues that impact our moods.

If you know of anybody who feels this way, there’s one thing you can do for them right now…

Give them hope.

That’s what the Hormones, Health and Harmony documentary series is all about.

You’ll hear from renowned medical experts, researchers, and authors about their own struggles with their hormones and women’s health.

You’ll learn how they discovered the root causes of their health issues…

… and how they turned their lives completely around to feel their absolute best at any age.

Women should not have to bear the burden of health misinformation.

There’s another way to live. And we’re going to show you how.

In this documentary series, you’ll receive the tools, techniques, strategies, and mindsets that help reverse common issues caused by hormonal imbalance. Take control of your weight, increase your energy, improve your mood, sleep, and get you feeling alive again.

The greatest gift you can give right now?

Share this resource with the women who need it the most.

You know who they are.

So many women are struggling right now. They feel tired of trying to fix what’s wrong.

They want to give up on finding balance.

If you know anyone who would benefit from this life-changing knowledge, we encourage you to share this series with them.

It could transform their life.

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EPISODE 01: Hormones, Cycles and Rhythms
Airs on September 13/6 pm (EST)

EPISODE 02: Hunger, Metabolism, Weight
Airs on September 14/6pm (EST)

EPISODE 03: Stress Vs. Rest
Airs on September 15/6pm (EST)

EPISODE 04: Too Toxic
Airs on September 16/6pm (EST)

EPISODE 05: Get Your Mojo Back
Airs on September 17/6pm (EST)

EPISODE 06: Sex, Romance, & Passion
Airs on September 18/6pm (EST)

EPISODE 07: Resilience & Brilliance
Airs on September 19/6pm (EST)

EPISODE 08: Honoring Your Lady Parts
Airs on September 20/6pm (EST)

EPISODE 09: Get Your Glow On
Airs on September 21/6pm (EST)

Thank you for joining me on what will be an exciting journey and an honest, raw, and real look at how hormones impact women.

Hormones are like musical instruments and your body is a symphony.

Each instrument must play its part perfectly – including being at the right volume, rhythm, pitch, melody, and tone – to create a balanced and beautiful-sounding song.

I am passionate about helping women reclaim their natural health to look and feel their best. And I am confident that what you learn in this docuseries will empower you to take control of your health and feel less alone.

For centuries women’s health has been misunderstood. By learning the latest research in Hormones, Health and Harmony, we’re making how to balance hormones accessible for all.

And we have a special surprise for you at the end – don’t miss it!

With gratitude,

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I just signed up to watch this docuseries called “Hormones, Health and Harmony.”

Hormones, Health and Harmony. – 50 doctors, researchers, and health experts are sharing the most advanced information about women’s health.

It’s about how hormones impact the root causes of the health issues women struggle with, including acne, infertility, sex drive, weight gain, mood swings, painful periods, insomnia, PMS, and so much more.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve experienced many of these issues as a woman…

So if you’re anything like me, I really think you’ll get a lot out of this.

Anyway… it is live September 13th, 2022 and as I said, it’s totally FREE to watch.

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