Start the journey toward your transformation before the docuseries even begins with these nine bonuses.

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Hormones and Skin Health

Are you “hormonal,” or is your body just trying to tell you something? Hormones have a profound impact on your skin and your overall health as you age. And if one hormone is out of balance, you may see signs of it on your skin.

How Your Thyroid Reacts To Skin Care Ingredients

Would you put gasoline, liquid plastic, formaldehyde, or tar on your face? Of course not! However, these potentially toxic components are often hidden on skin care product labels – and they can impact your thyroid.

Self-Care Rx Food

True health care starts with excellent self-care. Jumping from one diet can harm your body and your skin. Learn what to eat to nourish your body and promote a radiant complexion by taking the guesswork out of mealtimes.

What Causes Hormonal Acne

Acne affects more than 40 million people – over half of whom are women older than age 25. Discover the 3 hormones that are most connected to acne breakouts and what you can do to minimize acne.

Estrogen, Testosterone, Thyroid, Cortisol, and Your Skin

When our hormones are off-balance, we are more likely to develop skin problems. Correcting these problems requires getting to the root cause. Learn more about the four hormones that might be the underlying culprits of your skin issues.

Hormones, Health & Harmony Workbook

Each page of this Hormones, Health & Harmony Workbook has been created to help you follow along with the Docuseries and take important notes for your healing journey. These notes will help you reflect on what changes in your life to make and what to talk with your healthcare provider about -- all to help restore your hormonal harmony.